1:48am 05-01-2016
Nancy Cunningham
Great site !!! My Bro-in- law has a rather extensive collection and I can wait to share this page with him !!! Found out about you via Dan Stosek .. (good guy )
1:38pm 01-09-2016
Steve Mumma
Love the site, really helps with my collection! The charts and tables are awesome, and everything is laid out very nicely.
8:21am 05-24-2014
Reva Rubin Berman-62
Love your site Jack. See you at Duffy's in July.
9:35am 05-23-2014
Joe Chapline
Great site, Big Jack!
11:41am 04-03-2013
Do you know anything about red penn state buttons? I found some, just wondering about their history
1:06pm 07-18-2012
Tom Turano
seeking info on 2012 buttons? any info would be appreciated
10:26am 03-04-2012
pete horning
great site. helps me with my collection.
9:06pm 09-10-2011
Hi! We were wondering if you know of a place that sells the buttons from the earlier years. We work at a Penn State store in State College and we have a man who volunteers as a greeter for our store on football weekends, he refuses to accept payment. He has all the buttons from the first year they came out up to the present except for the 1974 Syracuse button. We want to buy that button for him so we can complete his collection and we were wondering if you know where we would be able to purchase it. Please let us know!

Thank you so much!!

--Fellow Penn State fans
5:34pm 09-03-2011
Joan Brower
You are a wonderful resource. Thanks much for all your help and memories.
6:35am 09-03-2011
Jim Craze
Keep up the good work Big Jack,ROAR LIONS ROAR!
10:46pm 09-02-2011
Rick Nowe
Good work as always!
11:22am 08-09-2011
Bill Ward '73
Thanks Big Jack! This is a wonderful reference site and stroll down memory lane. Thanks for your efforts and your passion. We Are!!!!
7:20pm 07-26-2011
jim frank
great site.knew paul and worked with his son scott at thestadium FIGHT ON STATE
1:20pm 07-19-2011
sue wilson
Thank Heaven for this site- I have tried to stay current by adding lists to my Button Book by the Ford bros but was missing several slogans from 2004 and '05 seasons- (the book ends in 2003. Found you by googling...GREAT SITE!!!
6:08pm 05-21-2011
dan knight
I found a bag with about 500 of these pins in my recently deceased father's closet. I am trying to find out their value and if anyone would be interested in obtaining them. I doubt that every pin is in the collection but most of them are and are in good to excellent condition.
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