12:13pm 03-31-2011
Rob Wolfe
Super site, super everything. I do have a question.....any good place or places to pick up buttons?

4:41pm 03-24-2011
Marc Myers
Great site! I contributed slogans for '98 thru '07. My IU slogan for '04 was misspelled by Mellon. It's supposed to say BEET RED. The implication that Hoosier fans would be embarrassed and their faces red as a beet.
12:37pm 02-08-2011
Kyle Rossi
Awesome, AWESOME site! Thanks for helping me date a couple older ones I had. WE ARE!
2:28pm 02-04-2011
Troy Butler
Great website adn very helpful!!! Any idea where I can locate wrestling pins!! Any info would be appreciated.
3:55am 09-21-2010
Fred Lynn '65
Great website Jack. Looks like you put a lot of work into it fot dear old State. I am honored to be included in the same Altoona Mirror edition with you about the button slogans.
11:20pm 09-09-2010
Denise Fry
Love, love, love your page!!!! I googled to find the button slogan for the 'bama game and found your site. I have saved the buttons that I collected while a student at State and I always make a point of getting the week's button when I make it to Happy Valley for a game. My most cherished button though is one my grandfather gave me when Centre County Bank did the buttons. I have no idea where he got it from but I where it proudly!!!
12:02pm 09-07-2010
MK Fox
Very nice article Jack. How and where on earth did you find a copy of the Altoona Mirror?
5:41pm 09-06-2010
Love the site and loved seeing the pub you got in the Altoona Mirror. Thanks for taking the time to help me with my collection!
7:30am 09-06-2010
Amy Bee
Enjoy your site. Brings back good memories of my Father (RIP)collecting the PSU buttons. Started collecting myself and it's very sentimental. Thanks!
12:53am 09-05-2010
Susie O'Brien
Read the write up in the Altoona Mirror today while waiting to go to the PSU game. What button are you looking for? I have many, some are the old Central Counties Bank ones. Let me know if I can help you find the one you need.
12:34pm 08-20-2010
Scott Harro
glad to see my dad's tribute still on the website. it was 2 years ago today that we lost him. The sky is STILL a little more blue and white since he's gone. miss him and love him. scott
9:48pm 08-13-2010
Mel '94
Thanks a million, what a great site!!! When these were given out--I worked at the bank and wore them for the games, usually ended up giving my buttons away because we ran out. I recently acquired an old collection of Bank Buttons from '72 forward and some great buttons that predate the bank buttons like one from 1971 Can't Catch Cappy Heisman Trophy Winner...this site will be very helpful to assist my collection and share with others listing on Ebay!!
8:19am 07-09-2010
Heidi '93
Awesome site! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!
8:25am 03-14-2010
Ozzie Kurtz '72
You are to be commended for all of the work it took to put thi site together. Keep it up!
9:02am 03-04-2010
George Weigand
Great site! It has been extremely helpful to me. I am trying to complete my button collection and have run in to some difficulty with 72 and 73 buttons. Do you know of anybody who I could contact to help me?
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