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7:07pm 01-18-2008
Brian Heckert
This site rocks!!!! What a great Penn State fan!!! Can't wait to get custom pins for the new season. We are....
12:20am 10-30-2007
Thanks for a great website. What a wonderful research tool. Thanks for all your hard work that makes my job easier!!
8:00pm 09-19-2007
Rick Nowe
Looking better all the time, Jack!

Will we see you at Paul's this year for a game?

Fight on State,

6:17pm 09-11-2007
Max & Tom
Missed you when we dumped the rosary rattlers!!!
Will be up for the worthless nuts!!! (that's what the definition of a Buckeye is)!!
See you for the Wolverines.
2:55pm 09-09-2007
Joe Norman
Big Jack, It's only since I have a computer, instead of a Webtv that I can fully appreciate your GREAT site and view it completely. This is the gold standard for PENN STATE FOOTBALL BUTTONS. Go Lions!
7:58pm 07-25-2007
Big Jack , Great site keep up the good work Go Lions
9:19pm 07-03-2007
Bill Condron
Hey Big Jack, great site. Didn't know there was so many Penn State buttons out there. Thanks for putting it all together and shareing it with everyone. Is this your job or do you do this with your free time? Either way keep it up. Great job!! Almost forgot, GO LIONS!!
8:29pm 06-09-2007
Jeff Smith
Great site Big Jack. the button book is great source about the past games, this site is the bomb when it comes to button information. Thanks for putting it together to share with all of us. Your countless hours of hard work show. The best button site I have seen.
10:46pm 06-04-2007
I just had to leave my footprints here to let you know I've been lurking around doing some more of my homework. What a great place to sit, learn and enjoy yourself! Thanx for putting in all the hard work so the rest of us don't have to. You've done one awesome job here, Big Jack! Keep up the great work.
9:22pm 05-20-2007
George Weigand
Great website. Just awesome for those of us who like to collect these keepsakes. Looking forward to working with you.

10:39am 03-22-2007
Rick Shelleman
Big Jack, your website is "hands down" the most awesome and complete record of Penn State buttons in the world. As a collector your website site has been an invaluable resource. Also want to thank you for all of our transactions. It has been fun and will continue to be fun bidding against you and with you on ebay. Look forward to our future dealings.

8:42pm 03-09-2007
Mary A. Reisler
Big Jack, Your display of pins is wonderful. It is great to collect something but to display them for others to enjoy as well is great! What a lovely collection you have and I'm glad you purchased some from me on ebay to add to it. Good luck with all of it. My husband's ancesters are tied to founder of Penn State - Evan Pugh.
2:45pm 03-07-2007
Stephen Erni
Big Jack, thank you for taking the time to develop this site. It is awesome. Forget the book, I'm sending all other collectors to this site.... For the Glory
7:12pm 01-19-2007
Paul Harro
Jack, you need to get a job. You are spending too much time on a great web page. But, it is the greatest one on the web for Penn State button collectors.
7:18pm 01-17-2007
Barb Wilson
I am just amaze with your dedication to "Penn State Buttonology!" This is the best site ever to "get a Penn State fix" after the football season. Keep up the good work!
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