10:38pm 04-27-2022
Joseph Donald
Great site !gives me ideas as to what I am looking for
3:30pm 01-30-2022
John Butera
Holy Cow!
What a great site !
10:31am 04-11-2021
Michael Benish
I met Paul at many games. He got me started collecting buttons and gave me many of them, also helped me find more. He was a
great guy and I looked forward to meeting with him on game-
day. I need about 7 more and have many to trade.
4:57pm 02-28-2021
Gary Stewart
Hi - great site. I have the button bug but I’m not a Penn Stater. I married into it !!! I am looking for two to complete - 1972 Crush the Orange with the bank logo and 1972 Wallop the Wolfpack - metal back. I have many extras and am willing to help others get bitten! That would do it. Any suggestions ? WE ARE
12:20pm 09-04-2020
Jeff Blanchard
Good Morning Big Jack, I had season tickets for about 20 years and collected some interesting pieces. I'm currently framing some of he stuff and would like to supplement with a couple of buttons. I enjoyed the site do sell the buttons? If so I would like to purchase the 2011 "Sitfle the Nois" and the '97 Citrus Bowl Button "See Ya Later Gators". If your not selling could you direct me to someone who would. Thanks for sharing have a great day!
10:07pm 03-02-2020
Jack - phenomenal site! Thanks for the great content which brings back some fond memories. Truly a pleasure to peruse your impressive collection and learn about the historical button insights!
11:32am 01-29-2020
I love all the info on your site. My son started collecting several years ago and has since left home -- and left me his collection to continue! In the process, I've accumulated a few "strange" buttons that I'll spend some time researching on your site. But in the meantime, I have one that is strange that I'd like to get your thoughts on. I can't get your email link to work -- so hopefully you can respond to this note so I can take advantage of your expertise!
8:19am 12-31-2019
Carol Mikovsky
Great site! Thank you for sharing you collection with us.
9:36pm 12-30-2019
Great site! Great collection! I have a lot of buttons, but nowhere near this many!
6:53pm 10-30-2019
Laurie Stanell
Great website!
9:56pm 10-29-2019
Kimberley Janson
Inspiring & Heartfelt
10:33pm 12-07-2017
Franco Harris
Jack, thanks for the Joe 409 buttons. Great design. I'll be wearing mine at the Fiesta Bowl!
6:28pm 03-11-2017
Colby Wesner
Love this website and have referenced it often. Almost have the full collection.

Wanted to bring a button tidbit to your attention that I saw was missing from the site. In 2010, for the Minnesota game, two buttons were releases, presumably because the first release had a misspelling. There is a button out there that reads "We Prefer Punxatawny Phil" and then the other one with the correct spelling, "We Prefer Punsutawney Phil"

Not sure if you were aware of this or not. I have both more for my collection.
8:51pm 09-25-2016
mark shoemaker
Great website, Really enjoyed looking at it. I have quite a few buttons, not too many sets, But looking to fill in some holes and have many extras for trading if you do that. I look forward to your reply. Mark. P.S. Address here if you can help me out.

Mark Shoemaker
927 Washington Blvd.
Williamsport, PA. 17701.
10:58am 07-14-2016
Leonard Epp
Paul Harro was a good friend. I spent a lot of time sharing and collecting with him. Thanks for remembering him. And thanks for this site.
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