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12:20pm 08-22-2008
Barbara Wilson
In looking over my "Penn State Button Collection Notebook" this morning, I came across my very first email from Paul, it was dated January 26, 2003. I had just won five buttons on eBay and Paul emailed to apologize for his high bid of $8.88, he said he didn't want to run the price up. However, he was interested in three of the buttons which were basketball buttons (little did I know at the time). Paul offered a trade of two football buttons per each basketball button. Who wouldn't have jump at that offer? Paul so generously provided me with the buttons I needed and we shared many stories of Penn State. We met in person so that Paul could deliver the buttons I needed and I was so totally amazed of his knowledge. Paul hooked me on the collection and it grew from not only the "bank buttons" but, many more. To have personally visited his "Penn State Shrine" twice was as much enjoyment as visiting Paul. What a collector, what a gentleman! I can only image the "tail gating" in heaven having lost two good Penn State friends this year.
10:13am 08-22-2008
Bill & Peg McDonald
I believe I can speak for everyone by saying the Pride of the Button Community has lost a "Lion" of a friend. Paul was always there to offer his knowlwdge about the collections and to offer his help in assisting a fellow collector complete his series in any way he could. My wife and I have enjoyed he and Bev's company for years and will miss the constant comradery we've shared for PSU. The blessing in all of this is that he can now enjoy watching the games pain free and cheer the team on from the Heavens. Our prayers are with the family and his memory will live on in our hearts.
10:35pm 08-21-2008
Mike Black
All my e-mails with Paul concerning PSU button collecting quickly reverted to how the team was performing and the positives about the football team. Paul was very knowledgable about each player and how they were contributing to the success of the team. I know we will have an angel in the end zone for eternity at every PSU game watching over the players, coaches, and fans.
9:48pm 08-21-2008
Rick Fray
Although I don't collect buttons now, I did get most of them during my 4 yrs at PS (1977-1981). Paul's collector list did help me find a few PS ticket stubs that I collect to fill in some holes in my collection. Although I never met him, he was always cordial in the few email exchanges I had with him over the past few years.
8:26pm 08-21-2008
Stan Price
I had the pleasure of dealing with Paul on Penn State collection projects. He was an immense help even though we did not know each other very well. I always thought that I was a big Penn State fan but I pale in comparison to Paul. The sky just got a little more blue and white.
8:12pm 08-21-2008
Barbara Wilson
Not only do I count Paul as the Penn State button guru, I consider Paul a very good friend. Paul was certainly an "one and only" and it was an honor to have known him.
7:55pm 08-21-2008
Rick Nowe
Paul Harro was a mentor and good friend to many of the Penn State button collectors. He will be missed terribly.
3:29pm 07-28-2008
Enjoyed the visit last evening on the plane. Hope your connection was not as late as ours!
What a website. Congratulations. Am forwarding to my Penn State connections!
4:42pm 07-25-2008
Great site! I just graduated from Penn State and have been avidly trying to complete the collection. I reference your site several times to learn what teams some of the slogans are geared towards.
6:44pm 07-07-2008
Eric Felack
Awesome, historic website. What a great history lesson on the evolution of Penn State football pins. Our family bleeds blue and white--it's obvious Jack does also. Penn State forever!! --ERIC
10:59pm 05-14-2008
Hi Jack'
I Stopped Back Again
Great Site I realy Enjoy Looking Over The Buttons
Wonderful Collection
Nice Write Up In The paper Also
Take Care And I will be Sure to Stop Again To Look Around
Sharon Altoona Pa
9:48pm 03-14-2008
Mary-Kate Fox
Truly a great site. Can't go anywhere on the internet looking for Penn State buttons without landing on your web site. I guess you've cornered the market! Where else is there to go?

Thank you for the beautiful dedication to Kevin.
Here's to Fall '08!!!
9:12am 02-05-2008
Website still looking good. Very nice tribute to your friend Kevin Fox.
Your Pal
Martin Boober
9:23am 02-04-2008
K. T. Cole
I am a die hard Bama Fan but if not for Bama my favorite team would be Penn State.We have had some hard fought games over the years however the respect has kept the games civil (Remember the 78 Game Big Jack, John Hannah;s little brother DAvid is in the bottom of that pile somewhere) The only person i would ever want to dethrone the Bear and his wins would be Joe Pa.CLASS with a capital C God Bless Big Jack Great site----Much love for PU WE ARE-------'Thanks for being a man of the utmost integrity during my purchase from ebay...
2:00pm 01-26-2008
Bob Ray
you have a wonderful web site, an a very nice variety of pins
GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
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