4:30pm 12-28-2009
Ed Graham
Thank you for sharing your treasures! It brings back great memories.
9:24pm 10-29-2009
Dennis Sutcliffe
Great site. Thank you!!!!
10:05pm 09-24-2009
Justin&Marcy Obleman
This is a GREAT site packed full of history and tradition! Big Jack is a decent honest man and I thank you for what you have done for all of us. I just found your site yesterday and find myself looking around it daily! Thanks for being a great guy with a great site!
4:48pm 09-18-2009
Mr. Bacon
What, no button for PENN STATE'S first undefeated season?
The famous Pink and Black of 1887. 2 and 0........
The best of all sites, good job JACK!
8:38am 09-17-2009
Emma Albright
What fun, thanks for the memories. I have a lot of these but wow you beat me...
5:28pm 03-30-2009
Jeff Miller
Great site! I have all but four of the buttons ever released - but I still have hope that some day .... in a galaxy far, far away ...
12:44pm 12-11-2008
Brett T
Hey Jack,
Great site! My #1 go-to resource... I can see Beaver Stadium from my backyard, so my proximity to the University and the fact that my wife is a 23 year employee of WPSU/WPSX makes it very easy for me to come into contact with all sorts of Penn State memorabilia, some of which I have no idea what it's history may be until I go to Big Jack's and poke around a bit. Anyway, keep up the good work, and GO NITS!!
8:19pm 09-10-2008
Scott Harro
My name is Scott Harro; I am Paul’s son. Thank you all very much for your kind comments about my father. As you all know collecting PSU memorabilia was Dad’s hobby but along with the game programs the buttons were Dad’s PASSION as far as his collection. I don’t remember when it all started, but I do remember spending many a Sunday morning at flea markets looking for nothing but Penn State stuff, especially the bank buttons and at the mall shows for buttons and trading cards. When I worked EMS at the games from the late 80’s thru the early 00’s he would always remind me Friday night, “don’t forget to get the buttons, and make sure to grab me a program or two”. I usually came home with a pocket full of buttons and a stack of programs as I always had others on the squad getting them as well. It was a long time before I came to realize why he needed so many buttons from each game. That reason was not only his personal collection but to distribute to those who were also collecting that could not get to State College or get downtown on game day. Two days I remember that I thought the passion had turned into a mental illness was when he gave up most of one of his complete sets of buttons to the bank in State College because theirs was stolen and secondly when after spending years looking for an early 70’s pin, I think Kentucky, he gave it away to another collector who was having just as much difficulty finding one. His theory was “I’ll find another one”. WHAT, ARE YOU NUTS???? Well he did and the collecting went on.

I recognize most of the names that have posted comments here as I heard them many times when talking to Dad about his PSU Collection, which we often did. He enjoyed working, trading and conversing with each and every one of you. His PSU Inbox is full of emails from each of you that he has never deleted. THANK YOU for not only your kind comments but for helping Dad, each in your own way, with his collection. Whether it was helping him obtain a difficult to find item or trading him something he needed for himself or another collector or just talking PSU you can all rest assured that you brought smile after smile to Dad’s face. While I’m not sure any of you can match his passion towards collecting PSU memorabilia (I’m a little prejudiced), I encourage you to continue to push toward the end zone and score touchdown after touchdown as you add to your own personal collection.

Our family is not yet certain what we will do down the road with the extensive collection Dad has built, but for now we intend to at least maintain it for the 2008 season. We do not get to the games anymore but prior to falling into severe health Dad made arrangements to get the home and away programs for this year and for that we are very grateful. I contacted Citizens Bank about getting sets of this year’s buttons and they have obliged so we are well on our way to keeping Dad’s collection current for another year.

Thank you all for being a part of my father’s life. It’s a lot more fun when you can share your passion with others and trust me…Dad had LOTS of fun. I’m sure we will be contacting many of you in the future once we decide whether to continue to keep updating the collection or to part with it.

A very Special Thank You to Big Jack for the buttons with Dad’s photo on them and for placing the tribute on your web page. The buttons have brought tears to many, many people we have shared them with.


God Bless You All and Let’s Go PSU

Scott Harro
5:47pm 08-30-2008
Betts and Hob Moyer
Paul was so enthusiastic about PSU! When we were the committee assembling the buttons for the collectors and manning the booth for their distribution, Paul was always so helpful and knowledgeable. He aided many collectors and will be sorely missed by many.
9:37pm 08-25-2008
Don Donner
I lost a very close friend. Paul was a great man with a golden hart. Paul was a full of knowledge of Penn State Football. He got me started on collecting and I will miss him dearly.
7:57pm 08-24-2008
Rick Shelleman
I only met Paul once in person at his Penn State tailgate location several years ago. I met him through Big Jack who has helped me greatly in completing my button collections. Through Big Jack I traded several times with Paul and he was always very helpful and knowledgeable and never charged unfairly for any of his pins. PSU and the button collection community have lost a great embasador. May he rest in peace and enjoy all the games from above.
12:20pm 08-22-2008
Barbara Wilson
In looking over my "Penn State Button Collection Notebook" this morning, I came across my very first email from Paul, it was dated January 26, 2003. I had just won five buttons on eBay and Paul emailed to apologize for his high bid of $8.88, he said he didn't want to run the price up. However, he was interested in three of the buttons which were basketball buttons (little did I know at the time). Paul offered a trade of two football buttons per each basketball button. Who wouldn't have jump at that offer? Paul so generously provided me with the buttons I needed and we shared many stories of Penn State. We met in person so that Paul could deliver the buttons I needed and I was so totally amazed of his knowledge. Paul hooked me on the collection and it grew from not only the "bank buttons" but, many more. To have personally visited his "Penn State Shrine" twice was as much enjoyment as visiting Paul. What a collector, what a gentleman! I can only image the "tail gating" in heaven having lost two good Penn State friends this year.
10:13am 08-22-2008
Bill & Peg McDonald
I believe I can speak for everyone by saying the Pride of the Button Community has lost a "Lion" of a friend. Paul was always there to offer his knowlwdge about the collections and to offer his help in assisting a fellow collector complete his series in any way he could. My wife and I have enjoyed he and Bev's company for years and will miss the constant comradery we've shared for PSU. The blessing in all of this is that he can now enjoy watching the games pain free and cheer the team on from the Heavens. Our prayers are with the family and his memory will live on in our hearts.
10:35pm 08-21-2008
Mike Black
All my e-mails with Paul concerning PSU button collecting quickly reverted to how the team was performing and the positives about the football team. Paul was very knowledgable about each player and how they were contributing to the success of the team. I know we will have an angel in the end zone for eternity at every PSU game watching over the players, coaches, and fans.
9:48pm 08-21-2008
Rick Fray
Although I don't collect buttons now, I did get most of them during my 4 yrs at PS (1977-1981). Paul's collector list did help me find a few PS ticket stubs that I collect to fill in some holes in my collection. Although I never met him, he was always cordial in the few email exchanges I had with him over the past few years.
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